How long has this product been around?

This method dates back to the seventies. One side of the program was utilized to help people quit. The other side was successfully utilized to help individuals change habits permanently. Together they are a powerful one-two punch to quit smoking.


How fast will this product get to me?

Right away-within the first day.


Is this product safe?

Yes. It does not contain any chemicals or the use of harmful products like all the other products on the market. Each of those products could contain serious side effects and can be costly. This is a safe, no side effect program, that helps retrain the neuro-impulses in your brain which give you the need to smoke.


Will I have to spend any more money after I purchase this product?

No. Unlike having to continuously spend money on patches, pills and vapor cigarettes, this is all you have to purchase.


Will I need to use any other form of quit-smoking aid with SmokeEnz?

No. The patches, pill and vapor cigarettes have nicotine in them. Yes, if you have attempted hypnotism and still did not kick the habit. This program could take you over the top.


Can I give this away as a gift?

Yes. We have structured your purchase to allow you purchase more than one at a discount and it allows you to send to another email address.


Can I purchase this product without going through the internet or online?

Yes. Call the 800-line and we will accommodate you in purchasing this product.


Can I talk to someone if I need help or want be coached through this?

Yes. We have a special coaching session for anyone. For only $39.95, you receive a 30-minute session directly with the creator of this product.


How long will it take to quit?

This varies. Our tests showed that most smokers quit within 30 days. A few will quit in less time and some will take longer to quit. It does depends on desire and few other factors like environment.


What is MB Empowerment Help?

MB Empowerment Help, Inc. (a non-profit organization) was created on the premises to help individuals be aware of advantages to their well being and to help educate them on personal matters that shape their life. Most of us seek simple answer to life issues, where finding the answer can be daunting or costly. MBEH wants to not only bring these answers to you but also empower you for any endeavor you face. For more than thirty years Michael as taught thousands of individuals to become successful by empowering them with solid information and/or product. This success has allowed Michael to create a number of programs and product that have shaped individual’s well being. From empowering women with domestic issues to inventing a ventilation system in cars to help save lives. We stride to make your world and future a little better.